51 Ways To Stay Awesome


Did you ever take a break from your busy life and enjoy the little things around you? How many of you really do a crazy things that scared the shit out of you? The answer is NO, may it is true for some of you who really want to enjoy the life. We(students) waste our [...]

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Best Inception Memes


Inception is one of the best unique film ever made in the history of cinema. The is movie is based on highly skilled thief who tries to enter into the human mind through dream invasion called INCEPTION. Recently I wrote about 7 Movies That Will Mess Your Mind!! in that list Inception surely is best movie. Below I have collected some the [...]

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Richest Actors In The World By Net Worth [List]


There are over 150,000+ movies released per year in almost all countries and do a total of billions of billions dollars of  business per year. Omg!!!!! The highest number of movie produce by India aka Bollywood, which produce 1200+ movie per year is more than Hollywood which produce around 352 movie last year. So more than 100000+ actors [...]

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Best Tutorials For Beginners To Create WordPress Plugins


WordPress is the biggest open source CMS for both bloggers and developers, Today more than 20 thousand plugins are available both free and premium on WordPress Plugin Directory. Plugins have an essential role on your WordPress blog because plugins can edit/change/modify your blog without messing your main source code. All you need to install on [...]

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Best Tutorials To Create Autosuggestion Search Box For Your Website


How cool is it when search on Google, Facebook, or Yahoo and the bots will automatically pull the most relevant search results for you, so you don’t need to type the whole search query. Google Search Facebook Search Below is a list of Awesome Tutorial to create a Autosuggestion search box for your website from basics. An In-Depth Look at [...]

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7 Movies That Will Mess Your Mind!!


If you can’t live without watching movies and a big fan of thriller/mysteries movies then you gotta watch these awesome movies to mess up your mind. Be-live me you will have to pause the movie and think twice or many times while watching these movies. You can watch these movies any number of time, and every time u [...]

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How I Recover Accidentally Deleted WordPress Database

Some days ago, you might be seeing an error  “Error establishing a database connection” on my homepage while visiting my blog at www.inavneetsingh.com/blog/. The most surprising thing is that, this error appearing even on my main URL of my website www.inavneetsingh.com , which is forwarded to my WordPress blog directory ../blog where there is no connection of WordPress Database.   Well this [...]

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20 hats-off wordpress plugins to power up your blog

WordPress plugins which add functionality to your blog and enhance your wordpress blog to next level. You can use wordpress plugins without editing single line of code. There are over 20,000 wordpress plugins available in wordpress plugin directory according to your need. Some of them are downloaded over 10000000+ times. So out of thousands of plugins i have made a [...]

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List of world’s first and oldest domain names – Internet Facts


Did you ever think that, which is the world first .COM , .EDU , .ORG domain names ever created. I guess you think about it. Well now you may be thinking that the first domain name is like com.com or ip.com or internet.com , if you think these name then your wrong. because the oldest .COM domain [...]

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Google #IO12 Keynote [Facts]


Google keynote facts for #io12.  This list is updating for google io keynote so be sure you back soon…. 1. Gmail has +425 million users and we’re still betting big on the web.   Google’s big bet in 2004: web applications. 8 years later: Gmail has +425 million users and we’re still betting big on the web. [...]

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10 Best Websites To Search For Engineering Colleges In India

  Just after completing your earlier education(class 12th), you all get busy to find a BEST COLLEGES for further study. While finding a good college you may ask for a help from your parents,  people elder to you, friends or some of you may google your query (after all google knows every thing). While searching in google [...]

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The World Without Internet [Infographic]

World Without Internet is scary as this

Have you ever imagined the world without www!!! Isn’t this scary? and worse than anything. Today Internet is everyone’s needs just like water/air(for me at-least!). i can’t think even a single day without internet, because internet gimme fastest news, sending mails, calling friends, chatting and more than ever i think. how about without softwares. Have a look [...]

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