How To Delete Specific Cookies From Google Chrome

Sometimes you want to delete cookies of specific Website so that server of that web wouldn’t know about you anymore. well cookies is like silverfish in books which hides in your books and eats your book pages slowly – slowly. Likewise cookies in web browser enter into your web browser and collect and remember data, you just [...]

How To Password Protect Your Google Chrome (History)

Well sometimes you want to hide everything you surf on Google Chrome, because of some special or some stupid reasons.  :P P.S: Guys can very well understand By the way Google Chrome offer you a spy mode called Incognito [ CTRL + SHIFT + N] which let you surf web anonymous, the main feature of using [...]

Chrome Benefits for Guys :P – Troll

Yeah The Best Benefit of using chrome is you can surf anonymous with these combinations CTRl + SHIFT + N. This can be done by Incognito window. For those who don’t know Incognito  window: Incognito mode is a feature of the Google Chrome browser that allows you to browse the web anonymous It disables some standard features of the [...]

How To Change Your Folder Color In Windows

Its time to forget the Ugly looking yellowish Color of Your Windows Folders. Well They look good at first time when you use them on your new computer, but after a month or year you get bored of seeing the same color on windows folder. So move over to that uncolored folders lets customize with a software [...]

Best Bollywood Sad Songs Ever [List]

Best Bollywood sad songs ever, by the way these songs are depressing but you gotta love it.  : Mine favorite is Tujhe bhula diya, Phir kyun teri yaadon ne Mujhe rula diya oh from Anjaana Anjaani. List in random order. 1. Tujhe Yaad Na Meri Aayi - Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 2. Layi Wi Na Gayi - Chalte Chalte 3.  Kahin To [...]

Why is it important to say ‘i love you’ ?

Is it really important to say the words “I love you?” to your loved ones–your closest friends, your family members, your relatives ? If actions speak louder than words why isn’t ‘action’ enough? Why do some people say these words easily and why do they choke in the throats of others like a fish-bone or [...]

story of my love :(