How to change any windows password from CMD [HACK]

Changing your windows system password is most easy thing that any one can do from control panel, but what about changing a password from Command Prompt again its easy one a person with little knowledge about CMD commands can change it from Command prompt. But here is glitch when you change password from any of the methods you have to enter your old password then new one.

So what about changing a password from Command prompt without asking about your old password, you can just do it by entering your New Password, And the best thing is you can change any of your friends password of your windows system too. All you need is “Your Computer name or your friends Computer name”, hope you have your computer name and in case you don’t know how to find your Computer name you can refer to: How to Find Computer Name in Windows

So now you have Computer name, next thing you check is that you are the Computer Administration.

Now, search for CMD in windows search:

A new Command Prompt windows will open like this
Now type net user and hit Enter,
You will get the list of all the users on your computer including Guest and Administrator, as of mine computer i have 2 user accounts named DC and NavNeet and other two is Guest and Admin
now choose the account which you have to change your password, suppose i have to change password of NavNeet then type net user Name of your Computer and new password,  for my user account NavNeet, computer name is also NavNeet so i have to type net user NavNeet NewPassword
If you don’t your computer name you may refer to this article: How to Find Computer Name in Windows
If you get message “The command completed successfully” then Bingo your password is changed :D :D
Thanks for reading this, hope you like this share this trick among your friends and you also can change your friends password without even knowing their current password so nJoy and show you amazing skill with your friends :)
Any issues comment below, i will be happy to help you.

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