Richest Actors In The World By Net Worth [List]

There are over 150,000+ movies released per year in almost all countries and do a total of billions of billions dollars of  business per year. Omg!!!!! The highest number of movie produce by India aka Bollywood, which produce 1200+ movie per year is more than Hollywood which produce around 352 movie last year.

So more than 100000+ actors in the film industry are working and they earn a handsome amount from per movie. So out 100000 actors who is the richest living actor on this planet?? Well you may be guessing that Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Brad Pitt are the celebrities who earn maximum while doing acting. But your answer is wrong because the richest actor in the world (including both Hollywood , Bollywood and even other countries movies) is Shah Rukh Khan from India (Bollywood).

Shahrukh Khan.

Some of you Hollywood fans don’t know him, but he is the King of Bollywood he belongs to middle class family from India’s capital Delhi. He debut with Deewana in 1990, some of his famous movie ares DDLJ released in 1995(Which is still running in one of the movie theatre in Mumbai), My Name Is Khan, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Chak De India!, Ra.One, Don series and more. He won 15 Filmfare award, It is a record. Filmfare Award are considered as an Oscar in Indian Film Industry. He has the highest fan following in the world according to Times Magazine. SRK was in the list of 50 most powerful people in the world. 11 of his films earn more than 1 billion which is also a record in Bollywood. His fans call him GOD. 

Below is the list of famous actor and their net worth. I Have complied this list by visiting various website which update celebrities net work on daily basis. I have also cross check the net worth of actors featuring below on Wikipedia and Google.

Google recently added a function on their search query by which you can easily get the new worth of world famous personalities by just entering ”Name net worth“, if you want a net worth of Bill Gates type “Bill Gates net worth“. Then google show the most relevant net worth from and Wikipedia.

So below is the list of richest actor in the world who is still active and entertain us.

1. Shah Rukh Khan

US $540 million


2. Adam Sandler

US $350 million


2. Tom Hanks

US $350 million


3. Johnny Depp

US $300 million


4. Tom Cruise

US $250 million


5. Will Smith

US $215 million


6. Leonardo Dicaprio

US $200 million


7. Mike Myres

US $175 million


8. Brad Pitt

US $175 million


9. George Clooney

US $160 million


10. Bruce Wills

US $150 million


11. Mark Wahlberg

US $150 million


Your Comments below!!

So how do you like the list?? Is your favourite celebrity in the list? By the way if i did any mistake in the list, please correct me in the comments below.

And if you any celebrities whom net worth is more than the celebrities featured above, please share a link.

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  1. For me this is not surprise, i know who is Shah Rukh and know this is only the begin, He is really the One and Only most Richest, most Handsome, most Famous most Sexy, most powerfull King of the Wprld ,:P Love it

    • Great to know that you are also Shah Rukh Khan fan, btw which is your favourite movie of SRK??

      • The all movies from SRK i like it everyone for diferents reasons, romanticism, emotion, but my first i believe is DON Saga…Don has a lot of personality of Shah Rukh, elegance, charisma, courage, I do not know where it begins and where it ends Don..Shah Rukh. Obviously that theme of mafia nothing to see with SRK, i talk only the role personality. Any way SRK the best ever!!

      • i love don 2 and kuch kuch hota hai of srk .. i love his acting because no one can do like him .. he is best actor for all time , not his enemy

      • keanu reeves net worth is over $350 million!!!!

  2. srk is one of the dedicated actors in the world. His passion towards acting is phenomenal. Always love to watch him. King Khan…….

  3. try googling Julia Louis-Dreyfus Net Worth , you would be surprised and SRK don’ t make much money acting he makes money through investing and other companies . Also he owns stakes in KKR cricket team .






  5. Guys I have made a Note on Shah Rukh Khan on my Facebook page.I have tried my best to describe what he really is.So, Please read through the entire note & Please give me feedback there or here in comments if the Note looks good to you. Thank You. <3

    Link :-

    • It’s a awesome article, I don’t know some of the facts about shahrukh khan which you have shared. And a lot for mentioning my blog there.
      Hey why not you register on and write and publish as many articles you want to on SRK fan site, If you need any of my help, I will be really happy!

      Link to follow:

  6. Cool list,
    I thought that Robert De Niro would make it. :)
    Anyway…..I knew about Tom Hanks but I would never think of Wahlbeg.

    thanks for the share, mate!

  7. I think Adam Sandler will be in no.2 jointly with his Net Worth Of US$350 Million

    Just check it out here…1c.1.qFRwz5jxv_k&psj=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=5cdb5b7fddb90eb9&biw=1024&bih=622

  8. Nikhil Shoundik says:

    Simply he is the best and have exceptional acting skill.. I am also one of the greatest follower of SRKhan..@god of romance.

  9. If your source is celebrity net worth then I am afraid it is inconclusive.

    Generally Google uses figures mentioned in celebrity net worth.
    Born rich just follow suit.

    I am not contesting the figure of SRK is wrong as TOI also reported a figure approx. same to it but the figures of rest of the list seems grossly vague.

    For ex Forbes in 2010 reported Tiger Woo’s asset to be more than $ 600 million although celebrity net worth report’s it as $ 500 million even in 2012.

    Euro business( in 2005) and ESPN(in 2012) both claim’s Micheal Schumacher’s assets above $ 1 billion, yet celebrity net worth mention’s it as $ 400 million.

    Now finally i am really amazed how actors like will smith, jhonny depp, caprio, stiller, sandler, hanks and cruse who for the past 1 decade are featuring on forbes highest paid list with earnings/yr more in the range of $ 30 to $80 million end up with such small net worth’s, so either I believe all this guys have some serious burn rates or they are siphoning their money to tax havens or just like I said the source’s are dubious.
    Vaishakh Nair recently posted..Richest Actors In The World By Net Worth [List]My Profile

  10. I think your list is missing a LOT of content. Mel Gibson and Jack Nicholson are worth more than anyone on the list except Kahn, and there are plenty of others that are far richer than most of these listed. Clint Eastwood, Michael Douglas, Sean Connery, and Barbra Streisand should all easily make this list. Until her passing in 2011, Elizabeth Taylor was worth over 600 million, this would have put her on top.

  11. Atiqul Islam says:

    Salman Khan is the best…SRK is just a showoff and he is selfish but Salman thinks about people he is kind and a man with a golden heart Being Human…..

    • Mr Ateeq, u say Srk is show off???? ok then clarify this to me, who is that man who is flashing BEING HUMAN ‘T’s, all over India mentioning about the organisation working for human welfare and appeling for donations from people, Hummmmm i guess its ur kind man salman is it???
      U have no idea hw much King khan spends on the poor nearly 20 crs per year only on cancer patients, & if i start counting the list you will be ashamed of ur Salman. you dont know these facts about SRK charity cos he never ” SHOW OFF” like you said. remember one thing he has got an UNICEF award for being one of the highest donator, the only indian to make it to the list,… oh sorry , i guess u dont even know what is UNICEF.
      Just down try to put somone down just because u dont like that person.

  12. Vaishakh Nair says:

    I think you need to come up with a new list,none of those mentioned in you list go by those rankings.

    The richest actor in the world is surprisingly and astonishingly Jerry Seinfeld with a net worth of above $ 800 million.

    I dont know from where he earns that much.

    • Jerry earns that much surprisingly from the syndication rights to the TV show Seinfeld. Every buck made from re-runs, dvd sales and anything related to seinfeld he gets his cut.

  13. Vaishakh Nair says:

    Here’s a refined list

    Jerry seinfield- $ 800 million.
    Elizebeth taylor(dead)- $ 600 million.
    Shah Rukh Khan-$ 540 million.
    Mel Gibson- $ 425 million.
    Jack Nicholson-$ 400 million
    Tyler Perry- $ 400 million
    Clint east wood- $ 375 million.

  14. Pity guys,, count your money rather than others !!!

  15. Sameer Tariq Abbasi says:

    Who ever wrote that article about Srk being the richest actor is really dumb and living in a fool’s heaven just like majority of you Indians.. How much Srk earns per movie? In the 90′s he used to get a few lakh rupees in early 90′s and around a car ore in the late 90′s where as Hollywood actors made million Of $ per movie.. Big blockbuster Hollywood flicks do business of over $500 million how much cut their leading big super star actors get nobody knows not even Forbes all just guess and guess.. Jerry Seinfeld made almost a billion $ in his career and Srk is #1 with $540 million? Wake up please.. Srk made more money than Leonardo? Tom Cruise? Hanks? Will Smith? Brat Pitt? Arnold Schwarzenegger? Alpacino? Johnny Depp? Oh come on..wake up

    • Tell me please, which actor owns Cricket team? Which actor owns football team? which actors own formula 1 team? which actor has the biggest production house in country? which actor actor has major share holder in children playing club? and which actors has his own hotels in Dubai?
      The answer is Shahrukh Khan, well he isn’t making money only from acting in the movies but he has other business from which he earns money more than any other actor in the world.
      If you are still leaving in the fantasy world thinking that Hollywood actors only earn huge bucks, so it’s your wake up call, because Indian actors are also earning more money than Hollywood actors. If you still not satisfied by my answer please read the article on Wikipedia

  16. Stephen Chow is, in my opinion, the greatest combination of writer,
    director and actor Tom Hanks, because ‘ and is a great call. Martial Arts injuries can really do a person in. In reality, these were super advanced aliens enslaving primitive races on alien worlds – even lording over Earth’s
    ancient Egyptians.
    YouTube recently posted..YouTubeMy Profile

  17. wwwwwwwwooooooooouuuuuuuuu a great star in the world is sharuk khan

  18. Sharukh khan is a most richest and most populur actor in the world. We love srk. Srk has lots of busines more than other actors.

  19. i love so much shrkh, shrkh please come turkey

  20. ramneek says:

    srk ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………iiiii LOVE U……………..

  21. ramneek says:

    srk …I LOVE U

  22. ramneek says:

    srk I LOVE U

  23. ramneek says:

    I M just 15 but i have a huge crush on u shahrukh………….

  24. ramneek says:

    u r the badshah..may chennai express crosses $5oooooooooooooooooooooo , i wish …………… i think u should play james bond , i m telling u will rock…………


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