Google #IO12 Keynote [Facts]

Google keynote facts for #io12.  This list is updating for google io keynote so be sure you back soon…. 1. Gmail has +425 million users and we’re still betting big on the web.   Google’s big bet in 2004: web applications. 8 years later: Gmail has +425 million users and we’re still betting big on the web. [...]

How Worlds Top Websites Look When They Launched In Past [Facts]

  Screenshot of world best sites when they first launched or i say when they born. Google Inc. , No Introduction needed they are the backbone of Internet, without google i can’t imagine future of Internet, Google have more than 100 products known or unknown you can check the full list of Google Products [...]

Now Find Your IP Address With Google Search Query itself

what is IP Address? Just like a street address determines the recipient of a letter, an IP address (short for Internet Protocol address) is used to identify computers on the Internet. When your computer sends a request, such as a Google query, it tags the request with its IP address in order for the response [...]

How To Make Any Websites Search Engines Default To Your Google Chrome Search In Address Bar

When you search in Google Chrome Address Bar the chrome by default search your queries in or in the search engines you put default in chrome search options @ chrome://settings/searchEngines Below is screenshot of my chrome default search options:   Well i am using as my default search engines means when i searched on [...]

Google SEO Guide For Starter

For the starters like me often search in Google for “SEO Guide“, “How to practice for SEO” , “Best way to implement SEO” etc etc until we get satisfied. But frankly we don’t satisfied !! We keep on searching on google or your favorite blog because you want perfection in your blog. So instead of searching on google , blogs [...]

How To Delete Specific Cookies From Google Chrome

Sometimes you want to delete cookies of specific Website so that server of that web wouldn’t know about you anymore. well cookies is like silverfish in books which hides in your books and eats your book pages slowly – slowly. Likewise cookies in web browser enter into your web browser and collect and remember data, you just [...]

How To Password Protect Your Google Chrome (History)

Well sometimes you want to hide everything you surf on Google Chrome, because of some special or some stupid reasons.  :P P.S: Guys can very well understand By the way Google Chrome offer you a spy mode called Incognito [ CTRL + SHIFT + N] which let you surf web anonymous, the main feature of using [...]

Now Search By Image: Google

Now you can use an image instead of words to start your Google search.Awesome Work By Google!! What to do? its pretty simple Click on Image search.. in the corner of search box you find a Camera icon like below in image After that You Know what to do!! Still Having Confusing watch Below Official [...]

How to Get Google+ Invitations

Google announced Google+ project which aims to fix relationship with friends and relatives online through real-life sharing. With Google+ you can group your friends, relatives into different categories and selectively connect and share info with each group. Google says people use real-life circles to express themselves and share precisely with the right folks. Using Google+ [...]